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"Yes, it was a unique enigma. I came across a shocking and pitiful incident in September of 1992. I observed that for a petty temporal achievement one could grab dishonesty and falsehood. I always used to have a positive impression about human beings. I was seriously thinking how could they receive purification. A question was constantly hammering my mind: 'Could it be possible to refine their nature through showing love, affection and sympathy?' A sentiment of pain and ecstasy invaded my soul all along and gradually I became a close observer of nature to get rid of the melancholy. The magnetic beauty of nature absorbed me fully." (Renu Mumtaz Farook Uz Zaman)

Renu, not only presents herself as a poetess and lyricist (singer), but also as a spiritual preacher. Her philosophical vision of her poetry is depicted in her poem 'Shwarga Shishar Alok Parash Deep' where the poetess says:

'O Divine rays of truth,
Come to this earth
And make them purified
Through your reflection of love and hope
As they are living in the dominion of
Lies, pride and falsehood,
Please do come, O heavenly spirit.'

Following that bitter experience, all of a sudden consciously I heard some sounds, some melodious music, some whispering as if the sounds came from a heavenly musical instrument. I visualized some pictures and images. I began to write down the words I heard. At first I failed to trace the words because those were from Urdu and Hindi. Then I began to learn Gazals. I was always in a melancholy mood, as I did not receive anything in my mother tongue. A feeling of dissatisfaction gripped myself,' said Renu in an exclusive interview with renowned poet Asad Chawdhury in the 'Prachhad,' a prestigious magazine program of Bangladesh Television.

When asked how did she start writing in Bengali, she described, 'It was April of 1993. I was sitting in the breakfast room of my residence in Toronto, Canada glancing at the garden. As I looked across, my neighbour's rose bush caught my attention. The roses began to sway back and forth in the wind like they were dancing with happiness. Instantly some Bengali lines emerged in my mind. Surprisingly, the meaning of many words of those lines were unknown to me. At that moment I felt I was reborn again on this earth. While I was making my way upstairs towards the bedroom, nine lines appeared in my mind. Those lines were god-gifted and my inspiration to begin writing in Bengali. I wrote nine poems by using each of those lines as the title. It was the beginning of my attachment to poetry and it seems that ever since then I can't distance myself from poetry as I got my ultimate reconciliation in it. I firmly believe that my poetic works are divine. All that I write-I write for human nature. I have a mission to preach the divine message of purified love and sympathy. I want to complete my mission because I was asked to do so by the Almighty.'

Born in a village on the banks of the Meghna, at Shariatpur district, in Bangledesh, Renu was an intimate lover of nature and beauty since her childhood. She completed high school from Edilpur before the Liberation War. Later she continued her education at Eden College and in 1973 graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her husband Farook Uz Zaman holds the position of Division Chief of the Islamic Development Bank based out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Renu started her life abroad with her husband in 1974. They resided in Tanzania and in the U.K. for an extended period of time. She has travelled to many countries, to name a few: USA, France, Canada, Turkey, Kenya, India, Malaysia etc. The poetess has two sons and a daughter.

Her first poetry book 'Adhare Jale Dip,' (Light Illuminates in Darkness) is a collection of her 242 poems and first audiocassette 'Dip Jale Dip Nive,' a collection of her nine songs has been released. It is noteworthy that she has composed the music and gave voice to her songs herself. In celebration of her accomplishments, an inauguration ceremony was held 15 Baishakh of 1402 of the Bengali Calendar. Renowned intellectuals like Prof. Emajuddin Ahmed, Vice Chancellor of Dhaka University, renowned poet Asad Chawdhury and Dr. Badruddoza Chawdhury, Deputy leader of the opposition of the Parliament expressed their views on her poetry book. Meanwhile notable musician Prof. Monirujjaman commented on her songs. Her second poetry book is to be published at the end of year 2001.

Renu met with Sunil Gangapadhya, a renowned literary figure of West Bengal. During his visit to Bangladesh Renu presented him with a copy of her poetry book. Sunil praised her ambition and persistence as a 'Missionary Poetess.'

She is a priest of nature wanting to show her healing power to humankind. She is a visionary wanting to have a visitor of the spirit behind nature. Her attitude towards nature is unique. She observes a life of spirit beneath the eternal beauties and phenomenon's of nature. She links nature with humans and imparted human association and minds to natural landscapes. She delicately harmonizes nature with the moods of human life and most artistically paints nature's changing and complex moods with poetic verses.

As she utters in the following verse:

Days and nights-the hard, harsh lances of the Sun
And the sombre folds of shadowed recesses embrace
Each other alternately, mingle unconditionally- relentless…

She has the power of shaping the beauty that she sees. There is a personal touch, the individual surprise, the unique way and the unlimited shaping that provokes imitation in her works.We feel in her work the immediate pressure of an original, personal creator, who has her own special manners with things and words. This is one of the vital tests of a genius, like the great poets, every line is alive with distinction. Her adoration of beauty is sincere and intense.It is evident in the following verses:

Etherised from far away-
The tragic note of the flute
Reminds her of the beloved
Melancholy grips her and
She gazes into the sky,
A stormy wave inside the heart.

She has a rare power of painting in a flash, an accurate picture in a word or in a phrase. She can create an excellent pictorial effect for an atmosphere often flowering in a lonely world. Instances of such pictorial expressions are proclaimed in the following lines:

Come on, O fairy,
Let's jump into the lake.
In the limpid water
Float the restless lotuses
They sparkle on the eyes
While the stars twinkle.

Besides she has a sure ear for music and rhythmic harmony that has a melodious tone. Her poetry has a twilight quality, a subtle suggestiveness along with soft ease, airy beauty and a charming romantic quality. In her poems and lyrics, she deals with the sacred relation between man and woman and portrays its divine linkage with the creator.

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