Adhare Jale Dip
Book of 242

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Dip Jale Dip Nive Tape of first music album

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Renu Mumtaz Farook Uz Zaman has published her first book of Bengali poems (242) which has been well received and her Works have been compared to that of Rabindranath Tagore, Nazrul Islam, Michael Modhusoodhan, Robert Frost and the likes. Her audio cassette of 9 songs have also been released- Dip Jale Dip Nive.


She is now composing Ghazals, Hamds and Naths in Urdu, Farsi, Hindi and Arabic. Her poems and nazams stretch from 8 lines to even 24. The topic is one that of praise for the Creator, His Creations, His Beauty, Truth, Purity and Divine Love.

She also put some of her Ghazals into her own lyrics and music and has also recorded 13 Ghazals of which she had no previous training...this album is due to be released soon.

Three more books of poems in the Bengali language, over 100 Nazams and Ghazals, and one book in English explaining the message of her Works for humanity are also in the works and are to published withtin the coming months.

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