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Fallen Rose

Beside the fountain in the patches of green grass
that year a pair of roses blossomed.
This year the roses fell to the ground.

The year comes and goes but
grief of the fallen roses are not redeemed
it stays there under the weary shade
The rose petals grieve for the other, of the pair,
lost forever.

The light and darkness together came along,
if rose could blossom again in the woods
on known branches under the gleaming sun.

The couple in a firm embrace
look upon, the newborn sunshine cast
and rose bud blossomed in thorny branches.

The weary shade under the groves
Kept silence on the call of the earth.

The shed flowers on the ground
spirited once again, take a pollen bath.
The roses, breathless floats in the air perfumed
in tearfull eyes.

The sunshines with all brilliance
pours down on the heart of blooming roses
blossom again in a pair.

Writen 5 September, 1993, Toronto, Canada
Poet:Renu Mumtaz Farook Uz Zaman
Transliteration anonymous

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