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Sunshine: The Beacon of Genesis

In God'S Breath

In the Poetry of the Night

Love Plays Hide and Seek

The Fallen Rose

Adhare Jale Dip
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In God's Breath

Why do you rose beautify spring
And get shed on dust?
You the tree decorated with leaves
Cause crying while staring.

In which particular spring
Was your acquaintance made with this rose?
In the wind's perfumed breath
Did you ever want
To lift the rose to your branch?
The creepers spread on the grass
Are entwined round the earth
As they get charged with motion.
Likewise the stars in the sky
Remain studded there above the staring earth.
If some day the stars and the sky are wrenched apart
Would that someone is crying like you?
Would the earth forget
The pain of loosing the creepers
Embracing the strange 'madhabi.'?

Say tree, say
Are you bedecked with branches
To lift to your bosom
The rose shed on the dust.
Will the rose's tear stained eye
Get to look comely in your shelter?

She opened her eyes
But remained withdrawn
Her look so tired and sad
I call her again and again
But she makes no response and silence reigns.

On all sides bright sunlight
Her sadness persists
In darkness her visage appears reluctant.

The heart is filled with joy
And the grass responds
Yet, her eyes are closed
And she is motionless and silent
Timeless is her heart's ache
And muted is its expression
And calm is the sky's presence
The eyes behold it day and night
Light and shade coexist
The intense aspiration's melancholy
Look is poignantly lovely
The night throughout is beauty struck.

The moon bears darkness with in
And night and day close their eyes.

Poet: Mumtaz Renu Farook Uz Zaman
The Book: Adhare Jala Dip
Translated by: Abu Rushd

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