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Love Plays Hide and Seek

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Love Plays Hide and Seek

The moonshine swings under the blue sky
among the star flowers in blossom
the lustre in shape of bumble-bee
wavers on wings.
The floating clouds drifts into moonlit haven
And the moon hiding its face amongst the clouds
play hide and seek.

The Moon has the melody, music and silvery shine all,
and the Mahua grove looks at it in from the honey garden
like moon in the bossom of the sky above!

The moonshine kisses the eyelids
Bringing the beauty closer.
Honey smile on face, but with a look deep into the eyes
the flowers of pain shower down on dark, deeper lake.

A distant dream plays hide and seek in heart.
The moon's dream of hope like illusive blue
rest in festival of light.

Lotus hear of moon shine
play hide and seek,
showers pollen of love door to door.

Written 13 September, 1993, Toronto, Canada
Poet: Renu Mumtaz Farook Uz Zaman
Transliteration anonymous

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