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By the Grace of Allah Subhanawo ta'la, I came to realize the truth behind two important phenomena. Firstly, an intense pain which was sad and heavy like the dark clouds and thunder storms and secondly, through the Love of the Creator reflected in the flowers, moon beams and the starlit sky.

That is why, when the earth feels lost in the darkness of the night, the moon then lights up the earth. The natural phenomenon by which branches drop its flowers at night and new blossoms open their buds in the same branches with the morning light - began to ease my burdens. The grief of the "Fallen Rose" potrays this unchanging established law of nature.

This love bind between the Creator and His Creation can open the doors of peace for mankind. The sharing of pains of each other is the ideal of creation. This ideal can create closeness and tranquility among the creatures. The other name of this ideal is love. Love among mankind is the highest word of the Creator. By following such an ideal, peace and unity could be built in the society and it would be possible to bring about peace on earth instead of using arms and ammunition. What I would like to convey is that:

The mysteries of the Universe and the beauty of Creation is the real manifestation of true love. In order to establish this truth, one has to believe in the relationship between the Creator and His Creation, and have firm faith in religion, in ones commitment and practice in daily life. Through such practice our society, arts and literature and social norms and practices can reach higher levels.

The mysteries of beauty and greatness find expression in literature, prose and in poems. This is literary expression. The Beauty of Literature is indeed the Beauty of the Creator. The Creator is Most Beautiful and the recipient of True Love. That is why literature is true and beautiful.

Pure religion and the Books are free of faults and these are the brightest and purest examples.

Love for each other is the highest word of the Creator. We can love and respect one another and by this obliterate social evils to a great extent. This could be achieved by purifying one's soul. Purification of the soul can only be attained through meditation.

By inculcating in one's self with sincerity the true essence and spirit of religion and putting to practice in one's beliefs, thoughts and actions the Beauty of Truth then and then only one may give expression to True Literature. This belief can only be established by admitting the existence of bounteous nature and that the Creator Alone is the Most Powerful and has power over all of them. This is accordingly, the basis of Islam. If this forms the basis of education of our souls, then society through a deep relationship full of concern and kindness and patiently forbearing can build a strong and true society on justice and equality.

Beauty is the truth. The realization of this true love with a caring soul can create a loving society. Such relationships can help form the fundamental basis of a strong society through unity and peace. By building and expanding such societal relationships within nations and with other nations, a greater and lasting world peace can be built. War among nations and within nations is not the solution.

Only by appreciating the Beauty and Harmony of Nature one can purify one's soul. My education and knowledge of poetry and in my thoughts, ideas, wisdom and knowledge I gained through the pain of one not admitting the Truth. The pain created in my mind and heart caused meditation and spiritual awakening leading to knowledge of poetry, lyrics and tunes. All these led me to be highly concerned about the rich and powerful elements in our society. The Creator has blessed them with knowledge, power and position. Through their envy, self-interest, arrogance and to pursue fame and position they are chasing their capriciousness, encouraging corrupt practices by sacrificing their knowledge and position which is given as a trust. They are rejoining in drunken madness over their triumph of untruth and lies.

Poems & Lyrics: helped to express my deep feelings. I therefore consider Poetry as the highest stature of the intellect. And it's source is from the Divine. Accordingly poems are expressions of one's soul and are necessarily related to Truth, Love and the Creator.