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We can trace Renu's mission by analyzing her poetic works as well as lyrical creations.

Poetry and philosophy are two aspects of the discovery of truth and therefore the blossoming of the human mind.

Truth is eternal but in order that its phenomenal aspects may be grasped in time it has to be expressed in entities, which are apprehensible to the senses. Poetry and philosophy are both means of apprehending and expressing in different ways the truth whose phenomenon is unchanging but whose existential aspects are differently interpreted through out historical times and according to individual sensibility.

There are at least two broad ways of approaching truth - the intuitive and rational- and even in the rational way of approaching truth, there is at the beginning an intuitive moment which is rationalized, analyzed and pursued throughout all its ramifications in the case of the philosopher, and expressed in sensuous, concrete terms in the case of the artist.

Poetic truth the revelatory power of words, has taken various aspects throughout the centuries. With the symbolists - and here we come to the background of Renu's poetry- the indefinable moment of poetic truth, 'the thing in itself' can only be suggested or hinted at without narrative elements or didacticism, through music, images and rhythms.

Renu's work reveals conflicts, conveying the struggle for liberation and the mystical experiences of a soul, which thirsts for the Almighty, and which has found at last the union it was longing for. Renu's philosophy regarding life is universal. She preaches the message of love and purity, which exists between the Almighty and his creations.

'Love and sympathy can change human nature. Through love and sympathy one can be transformed from dishonest to honesty and from bad to good. If we observe the creation of the Almighty closely we can see that everything is unified with the bond of love. Love exists between the Sky and the Ocean and between the Earth and the Moon. If a woman or a man is rejected he or she should not be frustrated or depressed because Almighty is here to reconcile us. If one can keep patience and leads life with honesty, he or she must be revived. Everyone will be rewarded before or after death if they lead a life based on honesty and truth,' says Renu.

Renu is a poetess with a spiritual mission who wants to unite all creatures into a common bond of love and sympathy. Her art consists of her minute observation and accurate and clear reproduction of the senses of nature. There is no detail that escapes her eye. Her words of wisdom from the Almighty are so vivid that she brings life in each line that she writes.

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