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In the Poetry of the Night

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In the Poetry Of the Night

Day is gone
Evening- the usher of night is on the shore
Cupid opens wings slowly
The spring flower branches out
in the night sky.

Day and night revolve around the whole planet.
Working in full circles.
Settling on each others shore's.
The day showers flowers on the palm groves.
Of the lush red day, breathing at last.
Night unfurls wings in the poetry of the evening.
And the love's entourage wear colour
in silvery night of spring.

The moon awakes with Kadamba flowers in hand.
A night afloats, like light drifts slowly to the horizon.
The Sun rises in the wake of the moon.
The Nebula travels along the Milkyway.
The poet of light, charmed with the beauty
paints beloved in the heart.
A tale of beauty is written thus.

Darkness weeps in helpless estrangement.
In the pathways of dense groves,
heart burning and yet twilight red.
Dresses up in this late hour.
The look, with lust cast to the moon,
blossoms stars in heaven.
The poetry sings the symphony of darling night.

Written April 1993, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Poet: Mumtaz Renu Farook Uz Zaman
Transliteration anonymous

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