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Sunshine: The Beacon of Genesis

In God'S Breath

In the Poetry of the Night

Love Plays Hide and Seek

The Fallen Rose

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Sunshine:The Beacon of Genesis

Days and Nights the hard, harsh lances of the Sun
And the sombre folds of shadowed recesses embrace
Each other alternately, mingle unconditionally relentless.

In the background, the pangs of poignant pains unseen,

Kindle themselves and evaporate naturally, but in
Secret, noiseless and enraptured persistance.

Life still throbs, its longing for the incense laden

Fragrant evening lasts through.

With the dusky end of the day settling in,

Meteorites light up the blighted souls in flashes.

From another world anon, waves of sweet dirges

Roll in, roll on and inundate dark, familiar shores.

We perceive a faraway loner, a wood-nymph in bridal gown

Lamenting, wailing her tears pouring in rivulets,
Swelling the monsoon rainfed rivers. Scented fumes,
Nevertheless, keep billowing through her rich, lush
And silken falls of hair!

On my tireless sojourn along the lotus-scented trail

Alit and shady concurrently, I globe-trot, pushing
My Burden, souls-searching. The milky way Hope
Drags me on, I am rooted to the trodden earth though!

The two hearts seek each other. in the eternal arena of

Light and Shade, shaking in unquenched thirst. Oh!

The veils of darkness fall serially, each a shade darker

And denser than before, offering a wreath of
Weaping screwpines.

Separated, slighted Love keeps smouldering, all the same,

Heralding the purest joy of belonging divine, incense smothered!

Amidst the dark-green flora, fire-flies glow,

Fluttering their wings febrile,illuminating the wild trails,
Tracing luminous walks wonderful!

Incenses ethereal envelope and engulf the spirit of Love

Unawares. In the void, in cosmos, Phoebus on his golden chariot
Is resurrected as usual, spraying Life with welcome caresses alit!

Lo! Light and shade unlock the El Dorado of the Domain of Love

Where sunshine ushers in the Genesis of Life.

Poet:Renu Mumtaz Farook Uz Zaman
Transliteration: Mir Waliuzzaman on 06/26/96

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