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Theme of Adhare Jale Dip

(Light Illuminates in Darkness)

"Love and purity exists between the Almighty and his creations.
Love and sympathy can change human nature.
Through love and sympathy one can be transformed from dishonest to honest, from bad to good.
Through consciousness of love, pure love can purify the mind and it is through the truth that one cannot harm another being.
If we observe the creation of the Almighty closely we can see that everything is unified with the bond of love."

Mrs. Renu Mumtaz Farook Uz Zaman

Comments from intellectuals

Mrs. Renu Mumtaz Farook Uz Zaman observes life from a new outlook where she urges to enrich our life spiritually. Without the creator the existence of creation is unimaginable and meaningless. Those who are hankering after beauty are bound to go to nature's element to fulfill their thirst. Renu's thinking regarding nature is idealistic. I hope that she will continue her writing where the picture of day-to-day life will also be painted. Even though she lives abroad, unbound attractions to the beauty of her dear motherland are proclaimed in her poetical works.

-Emajuddin Ahmed, Vice Chancellor, Dhaka University

I must appreciate her because in a short span of time she can explore her thirst for beauty. Whether she stays in her motherland or abroad…I hope that she will continue to carry on her mission.

-Prof. Syed Monjurul Islam, Department of English, Dhaka University

Talent cannot remain hidden- its outcome is inevitable. The genius in Mrs. Farook Uz Zaman has been discovered within only two years of her effort. I believe that she will be welcomed very warmly in the literary world. She will be surely successful if she will continue her effort with utmost dedication.

-Boddrudoza Chawdhry, Deputy Leader of the Opposition in Parliament of Bangladesh

After going through her poems I have found that these are original poems- free from influence of any other poets. Many times we do not want to express the exact words that we feel. She does not remain as a mere spectator. The outburst of her thoughts and feelings are direct and from the heart.

The most important thing is her stylistic way of expression. Her poetical works are an outcome of her profound dedication, vigorous strength and unlimited patience and continuous perseverance. Some of her lyrics remind us of Rabindranath Tagore. She is very sincere in her philosophy. The reflection of the surrounding environment of society is reflected in the works of a poet or an artist. It is inevitable that one cannot escape from that. We know that the world famous artist Van Gough left France because the contemporary French society seemed to him ugly but later on, a deep reflection of French society was found in his paintings. The same thing can be found in the literary works of Renu Mumtaz and she is very honest in that. I read her poem titled 'Bellyfool' (Belly flower) several times but failed to comprehend the inner meanings. I am sure that there is a philosophy behind the lines. Renu's first poetry book is a collection of 242 poems as a maiden publication the number is astonishingly high.

-Asad Chawdhry, renowned poet

It is very tough to compose and sing 13 lyrics in such a short time. Renu Mumtaz accomplished such a feat in 3 months considering the fact that she had never sung a word in her life before. 'Jaliye Diye Praner Pradip' the second song on her album has excellent lyrics and music. Her style of singing is unique and to the heart.

-Prof. Moniruzzaman, Music Critic

While reading Renu's poems I was not affected with obscurity, which is frequently found in modern poetry.

-Noresh Chandra, Calcutta University

Regular practice and dedication helps her to be more artistic.

-Pabittraya Sarkar, Vice Chancellor of Rabrindra Bharati University

It is a great thing that being a sincere housewife she has taken an effort to be involved in writing poems and lyrics. The artistic expressions of thoughts and feelings of a Bengali woman will charm readers. Her works are enriched with the reflection of the scenic beauty of Bengal. Its vast meadows, flowing rivers, fertile soils and other natural elements are distinctly present in her poems and lyrics. The spiritual enlightenment she expresses through her words will further inspire her in her mission.

-Prof. Kallani Shankar Ghatak, Kallyani University, India

Her portrayal of the beauty of nature and creation in such a short time is really astonishing.

-Syed Shamsul Huq, renowned poet

Her poems are the reflection of her inner beliefs and realization. She remains exceptional in selecting her theme and subject diction and structure. The vastness of her feelings and depths of her vision impresses the readers. Since her childhood she has been a close worshipper of beauty of nature. She composed 300 poems from April 1993 to December 1994!

-Golam Moinuddin in Radio Magazine "Uttaran"

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